Continuous gas-borne mercury monitor Modelo AM-4

Continuous gas-borne mercury monitor Modelo AM-4


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Highest grade model of Continuous mercury monitor developed by customers’ wish

Our customer’ s wish “to continuously monitor general environment air” or “to continuously monitor flue gas while avoiding effects from interferences” inspired us to develop this highest grade model that measures mercury intermittently and continuously by thermal decomposition.

The AM-4 has ultra-high sensitivity and a wide measurement range from 0.01ng/m3 to 2mg/m3, and mercury can be measured without being affected by interferences.

Mercury analysis by atomic absorption spectrometry without any affection by interferences

After removing moisture in the sample gas, mercury alone is condensed and sampled as gold amalgam in the mercury collector tube. During that time, interferences not needed for measurement such as organic solvents, SOx and NOx are removed, and not collected in the collector tube.

Then, the mercury collector tube is re-heated, and vaporized mercury is measured by atomic absorption spectrometry.

The equipment itself is dedicated to metal mercury sampling (zero-valent mercury), however, by adding the pretreatment equipment (optional), total mercury including oxidized mercury (divalent mercury) can be measured.

Accurate measurement is realized using the mercury standard gas generator

By using the automatic calibration function in the mercury standard gas generator (optional), you can ensure accurate measurement without compromising data reliability.

Also, there is no need to prepare special carrier gas for the AM-4 and the mercury standard gas generator. Since purified ambient air is used, installation is easy, economical and safe.

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