Direct thermal decomposition mercury analyzer MA Series modelo MA3000

Direct thermal decomposition mercury analyzer MA Series modelo MA3000


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The MA series was so designed that anyone can quickly measure the amount of mercury contained in liquids, solids, and gases (option required) by simple operation, which does not include pretreatment but include the heat-vaporization and ensures high sensitivity and high accuracy. Different from the reducing-vaporization method, there is no need to perform any troublesome pretreatment using chemicals. This series has been highly regarded in and outside Japan for its ease of handling.

The typical measuring samples include foods, biological tissues, medicines, fertilizers, feeds, electrical and electronic equipment materials, resins, coal, ores, waste oils, waste fluids, soil, and sludge.

Also, by connecting an optional unit, you can perform reducing-vaporization measurement (for example, of tap water or industrial wastewater) and atmospheric mercury measurement (for example, of general environment air, working environment air, LPG or LNG), so you can measure a wider variety of samples.

Modelos y Modulos Adicionales


  • Auto sample changer RD-5
  • Auto reagent dispenser


  • Manual attachment (5mL)
Industrias / Aplicaciones
  • Energía Y Combustibles
  • Minería Y Materiales
  • Medioambiente Y Agricultura
  • Alimentos Y Bebidas
  • Cosméticos
  • Farmacéutica
  • Clinica

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