Fully automated reducing-vaporization mercury analyzer RA-4300 FG

Fully automated reducing-vaporization mercury analyzer RA-4300 FG


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Built-in activated carbon filter unit fr reducing external mercury influence

The RA-4300FG+
is reducing-vaporization mercury analyzer with ultra-high sensitivity that complies with global standards. This equipment uses gold amalgamation and atomic fluorescence spectroscopy.

The equipped activated carbon filter unit lowers mercury concentration of air inside the equipment, by which, external mercury influence, which poses a problem when analyzing mercury in the low concentration range, is reduced in the working environment. Additionally, reagents are purged by argon gas containing no mercury to minimize the reagent blank increase during analysis.

The RA-4300FG+
is equipped with evaluation software according to EPA1631E which specifies the gold amalgamation method, and to EPA245.7 which specifies the direct reducing-vaporization method so that you can confirm the reliability of the measurement.

Pretreatment method

Bromine monochloride is dropped into the sample to decompose organic substances. Next, hydroxylammonium chloride solution is added to mask bromine chloride that obstructs mercury measurement. Then, Tin (II) Chloride solution is added.

This is a method to directly measure mercury after the pretreatment above without concentrating it in the collector tube.

Alkali reduction method
Sodium hydroxide solution and copper sulfate solution are added to the sample, and then Tin (II) Chloride solution is added. Total mercury can be easily measured.

Other methods
You have other measurement options, including measurement that uses only sulfuric acid and Tin (II) Chloride solution without decomposing organic substances in the sample, or measurement that uses hydroxylammonium chloride solution and Tin (II) Chloride solution (gold amalgamation) after decomposing organic substances.

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