Portable monitor for mercury in flue gas Modelo SGM-8

Portable monitor for mercury in flue gas Modelo SGM-8


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The epoch-making light weight and small size drastically improve the working efficiency in a height and dangerous place

The SGM-8 is the combination of the portable/handheld mercury analyzer (EMP-2) and the gas-borne mercury pretreatment equipment (WLE-8). Its lightweight and compact structure ensures high portability, by which the workload of measuring flue gas in high places can be dramatically reduced although that has been considered difficult.

Measurement of mercury concentration in flue gas

Flue gas is guided from the flue to the gas-borne mercury pretreatment equipment (WLE-8) through the heating conduit. Then, Hg2+ in the sample gas is reduced for pretreatment, and acidic gases (such as SO2, NOX, and HCl) are removed. Next, the sample gas is taken into the absorption cell of the EMP-2, and the mercury concentration is measured by atomic absorption spectrometry at absorbance of 253.7nm.

The measurement range is as wide as from 0.1 to 1,000 µg/m3, and the response time is only 1 second. Measured data is saved in CSV format in the SD card, and data can be easily analyzed.

Exhaust gas in the flue is taken through the heating conduit and passes through 10% tin (II) chloride solution in the first vial, and oxidized mercury is reduced into metal mercury, thereby, total mercury in the flue gas is measured.
Flue gas contains acid gases such as SO2, and NOX, which are removed by a 1mol/L KOH solution in the second vial. Then, moisture in the gas is removed in the third vial.
Reagents and moisture are discharged and replaced automatically.

Modelos y Modulos Adicionales

Heating conduit (self-control type 5 m); measuring probe; AC adapter; gas calibration kit (CK-1)

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